Why is Nj is not on the Travel Advisory?

The United States is still issuing travel advisories and warnings, including warnings for a possible earthquake and tsunami, and the Department of Homeland Security has warned Americans to stay away from remote areas.Read moreThe National Transportation Safety Board has issued a warning for a potential tsunami warning, as well as for a volcanic eruption, and […]

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A traveler’s check for the TSA says ‘a lot’

The Transportation Security Administration is asking the public to help verify the authenticity of a traveler’s checks when checking in at airports.The TSA posted a flyer on its website today that asks travelers to help determine if they have been defrauded by the agency.“A traveler has checked in for a flight and they’re receiving a […]

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Cuban cruise ship loses two of its crew members

A cruise ship carrying Cuban nationals lost two crew members Wednesday, including one captain, as the country struggled to contain a wave of violent crime.The Costa Concordia ship, owned by Costa Cruises, was headed for Cuba and was scheduled to leave Miami on Saturday with passengers and crew.The cruise ship has been sailing for Costa […]

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What to look out for when traveling to Alaska

Travel blogger Alex Blumberg recently wrote a post titled What to expect when traveling in Alaska.The post was titled “Alaska’s Travel Art: A Guide to How to Avoid the ‘Risk’ of Traveling to the State” and featured some very interesting advice on how to navigate the state’s tourist attractions.Here are a few of my favorites: Alaska […]

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How to travel in a trailer

Travellers in a travel trailer are often seen as a luxury, but the truth is a lot of people don’t have much money to spend on accommodation and food.Travel trailers are not just a luxury; they’re also an essential tool for helping people to make the most of their time.Travellers on a trailer can have […]

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