Travel restrictions are being imposed in France as the country’s national airline prepares to begin a major upgrade of its fleet.

France’s National Transport Authority said Wednesday that its planes will no longer fly with the same number of seats as they used to because of the crisis in the Middle East.

The airline is replacing the Airbus A320neo with the Airbus C-HAL-600 jet, and is also replacing the A320s that are used for domestic flights with the new planes.

It’s not known when the replacement planes will be available, but the changeover is expected to happen next month.

The Airbus A330neo, which has been the carrier’s mainstay for years, will also no longer carry more than 12 people.

The airline said it is upgrading the fleet to include a bigger cabin to increase capacity.

The number of passengers on the Airbus planes will increase to 12, and the number of cabin seats will increase by 40%.

That means fewer seats on the A330 and smaller ones on the C-hAL- 600, according to the airline.