A bird watching journey has brought a bird’s eye view of the country’s wildlife to the public.

Gulliver’s Travels, a BBC3 documentary series about Ireland’s birdlife, follows the migratory behaviour of Irish birds across the country.

Its main focus is on the migrations of the gulliver and its cousin, the gull and the golden-winged woodpecker.

It follows a pair of gulls that have made a journey from the south west of Ireland to Ireland’s south-east, while a golden-eyed woodpeckers journey across the Atlantic to England.

The programmes aim to highlight the challenges faced by the native bird species and their natural habitat.

Gulf gulls are often considered a threat to native species, and many have been culled for their damage to the environment.

But in a bid to help the birds and their native habitats, BBC3 has commissioned a study to try and learn more about them.

The programme is being broadcast in the UK and Ireland on Sunday, March 15.