The Transportation Security Administration is asking the public to help verify the authenticity of a traveler’s checks when checking in at airports.

The TSA posted a flyer on its website today that asks travelers to help determine if they have been defrauded by the agency.

“A traveler has checked in for a flight and they’re receiving a check from the TSA.

Are you one of those travelers?

If so, do you have a copy of the check, and what is the check value?” the flyer says.

“If you do, please share it with us and tell us how it is.”

The TSA has been in a tizzy since it received complaints about fake check-in checks and other problems on flights last year.

The agency said on April 24 that it is investigating thousands of reported fake check in checks and has launched a fraud hotline.

In March, a TSA agent was arrested for stealing a traveler checks from an Atlanta-area airport after he made a $250 purchase from an online retailer.

The TSA said it has launched an investigation into the theft of checks on flights from New York to Washington, D.C., in March.

A TSA spokeswoman declined to say if the agency has launched criminal or civil cases against any of the TSA agents involved.

The flyer is part of a series of questions the agency is asking travelers to fill out for a check that they’re supposed to use.

The questions ask travelers if they think the check was a gift or not.TSA is also asking travelers who are traveling to be vigilant about the authenticity and value of their checks.