Google News has launched a new app that allows people in Arizona to bypass the state’s travel restrictions and travel to other states.

The Google Maps app is available for free on the Android and iOS app stores, and allows users to explore the states travel policies and see how many of their friends and family can cross the border to visit.

While the app isn’t a complete replacement for official travel documents, it allows for a quick overview of all the states immigration policies and can be used as a tool for people who are trying to navigate their way around the travel restrictions.

There are a couple of restrictions to getting the app to work:The app can only be used to navigate to Arizona through the state and its cities, towns and counties.

The state does not have any borders on the state side of the border, and people who cross state lines can’t cross over the Rio Grande or into the Arizona desert.

The app will also show you a map showing the border areas and the countries where you can enter, and the total number of travelers entering and leaving.

There is also a map that shows the number of visitors who entered and left Arizona between July 20 and July 26, with some counties showing the number less than 1,000, others showing the total.

It’s unclear how many people will be able to use the app, though Google has said it expects to have a working version available within 24 hours.