AUSTRALIA’S best travel destinations are still waiting to see if they’ll get a new Australian tour.

In a new study, the travel industry says Australian tourism is still struggling to find a rhythm.

The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper published an analysis of more than 1.3 million visits to Australia’s cities and towns since 2012, looking at what people are doing and where they’re going.

The study found people in Australia are still coming to Australia for a multitude of reasons.

There are more people travelling overseas to visit family, work or friends than ever before.

Tourism is booming, with Australians spending more than $5 billion in the first three months of the year, according to the National Travel and Tourism Council.

But the study also found the number of Australian visitors overseas has not kept up with demand.

It’s not just the number that’s been declining, it’s the frequency of those visits, and it’s not sustainable for Australia to continue to rely on foreign tourism, the report found.

The travel industry’s chief executive, Richard Pemberton, said the numbers of people visiting Australia in the last year has been “very disappointing”.

“Australians are going out of their way to get to Australia and back, and we have to make sure we can sustain that demand,” he said.

“The number of Australians travelling abroad has not been growing, it has not increased, it is not sustainable.”

He said the problem was not the Australian population, but the number visiting foreign countries.

“We are seeing the same thing across the globe,” Mr Pemberon said.

“It’s the number and frequency of Australians coming to visit abroad.”

Australia’s most popular travel destination, Sydney, was the top-performing city in the country last year with more than 4.2 million visits, with a high of 3.6 million in March.

However, the number stayed at a record low of 1.8 million in December.

On the flipside, the Sydney Morning Post reported that the number attending weddings in Australia dropped by half to 4.6 per cent.

On average, Australians spent $1,100 on holiday last year, up from $890 in 2012.

The report also revealed Australians spent an average of $878 per visit to places in Australia.

This was more than double the $871 spent by Americans.

The average tourist spend in Australia is $8.39 per person, compared with $3.99 in the US.

It is also more than three times the cost of the average trip to a beach in Europe.