Mexico on Monday imposed travel restrictions and other restrictions on the Belizean territory after the country reported its first case of the Ebola virus.

The restrictions were in response to a spike in cases, but did not include those that had already been detected, the Foreign Ministry said.

Mexico has not reported any confirmed cases of the virus, but authorities there have been trying to contain the spread of the disease in the United States and elsewhere.

Belize is one of the countries hardest-hit by the virus and the country has been under intense scrutiny.

The virus has been spreading rapidly in the country, particularly among young people and recent immigrants.

In some areas, the virus is spreading more quickly than the government and health officials have been saying.

Authorities said the outbreak in the northern state of Coahuila is the country’s second largest after Sierra Leone.

Coahuilans are spread mainly by close contact with infected people, including those who have been in contact with others infected with the virus.

In addition, about 1,500 people in the southern state of Matamoros were found infected with Ebola in March, the first case in the region.