Travel restrictions have been imposed on light-duty trailers, allowing them to be driven by people with little or no prior driving experience.

CNN reported on Monday that in order to operate in New York City, trailers carrying less than 10 people will be required to have a pilot permit.

The new regulations are not likely to affect large trucks, which are already allowed to drive on the street.

However, those vehicles will now have to be equipped with an automatic braking system and have at least one seat that can be moved.

Drivers with a commercial license must also wear an eye and ear protection and pass a traffic control device while driving.

Passengers will also be required, according to the regulations, to wear an external license plate that identifies them as a passenger and a passenger identification card that indicates the driver is their spouse or dependent.

People who drive a commercial vehicle will also need to be certified in the use of a vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) system.

A second requirement requires passengers to carry a valid photo ID that shows they are at least 18 years old and a valid driver’s license.

The rules will take effect July 1.

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