India has seen an uptick in political violence in recent years, with several major cities and towns being targeted by mobs in the name of “free speech”.

The latest example was the killing of a Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh, which saw mobs attacking a Muslim temple and a mosque, burning it to the ground, setting fires, and throwing stones.

The man was stabbed to death, and the mob was later arrested.

But the violence has not been confined to the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Earlier this month, several Muslims were attacked and injured in Dhaka, Bangladesh, when a mob beat a group of them to death in a parking lot.

Police in Bangladesh say the mob targeted members of the Muslim community because they were suspected of belonging to the banned Jamaat-e-Islami.

India’s state-run news portal, The Hindu, reported that police have also arrested several people in connection with the attack.

Some of the victims, including a woman, were reportedly dragged out of their cars and beaten to death.

The Hindu said some of the assailants reportedly shouted “Death to the West Bengal Muslim League”.

One of the men reportedly shouted, “I am a West Bengal worker, I am Muslim, I will kill you all.

I will give you all the punishment in the world.”