Maryland travelers can return to work and attend school as soon as Tuesday, if they want.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said Wednesday that the governor will sign an executive order lifting the state’s travel restrictions as early as Wednesday morning.

Hogan said the order will be signed Wednesday morning and will apply to Marylanders and their families.

“This is a historic step for Maryland, for the state of Maryland and for Marylanders, as well as for the entire nation,” Hogan said.

Hodgson said he signed an executive directive in August to temporarily lift Maryland’s travel ban to allow more flexibility for people traveling from the state.

“I’ve said from day one that I believe the travel ban is unconstitutional,” he said.

“And I have said from the beginning that the executive order was an attempt to do just that.”

Hogan’s executive order also includes allowing Maryland residents to apply for permanent residency and permanent travel visas.

Marylanders who want to travel can apply online, but those with visas will have to submit a passport and pay $50 to be processed.

The process will take several days.

Hudson also said that the state will begin processing green card holders for Maryland as early on Wednesday.

Hood and Hodges announced their executive order on the same day.

Hogan signed the executive directive during his weekly news conference Wednesday.