The United States is still issuing travel advisories and warnings, including warnings for a possible earthquake and tsunami, and the Department of Homeland Security has warned Americans to stay away from remote areas.

Read moreThe National Transportation Safety Board has issued a warning for a potential tsunami warning, as well as for a volcanic eruption, and officials say the agency is monitoring weather and seismic activity in the area.

Read the latest travel advisory on the National Transportation Security Board here.

Here are some other alerts:The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has issued an alert for the potential of a volcanic earthquake, a major tsunami and a major storm surge.

The Department of the Interior has issued two warnings for dangerous storm surges and a strong earthquake, with the agency warning people to be on the lookout for rocks and debris on the coast.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued another warning for dangerous coastal flooding.

Here’s what you need to know about the U.S. earthquake and volcanic alerts.

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The NTSB, the federal government’s official travel advisory arm, will issue its own advisory for the U