NEW YORK — — Gov.

Charlie Brown, a Republican, has proposed a compromise to ease travel restrictions in the state that would allow some to visit and use the internet and use technology to travel, while others would face more severe restrictions.

The legislation would allow state employees to get home from work if they have been away from the state for a long period of time and would allow people to use their state-issued ID cards at other locations, including restaurants and gas stations.

It would also allow the governor to waive travel bans on some state employees.

The governor, who has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump and other critics, said in a statement that he is not seeking to restrict the right of anyone to travel.

He said that he has worked with the president on issues such as health care, immigration and climate change, and that he supports their efforts.

But he added that he thinks the federal government has a responsibility to protect the health and safety of Americans, and he wants to make sure that all of our citizens are protected.

Brown’s plan would exempt anyone who is an employee or a family member of an employee who has worked in Massachusetts for less than a year from having to pay taxes on their earnings, and would permit state workers to use federal funds for state-sponsored education.

It also would allow for the governor’s office to hire new employees for $5,000 a year, and it would allow the state to issue new driver’s licenses, IDs and other identification documents.

Brown has said he plans to ask the state legislature to pass a $5 billion budget this year, which would provide additional funding to state schools and state colleges.

Brown and his allies say the bill would allow Massachusetts residents to visit their family and friends without having to spend more than 30 days in the city.

They have said it would also encourage more people to visit.

Brown, who will run for a third term in 2018, is a vocal supporter of Trump.

The president has also repeatedly attacked Brown, calling him “the enemy” and a “chicken.”

Trump has said the governor has “lost the election,” while Brown has been accused of “losing the war” against Trump.