The Nevada state legislature has passed legislation that will allow people to travel to the state from anywhere in the country, including the US.

The bill passed the state senate last week, and the House of Representatives passed it by a wide margin last week.

But despite the passage of the bill, the state still faces a travel ban, with officials saying they can’t guarantee the security of visitors from other states or the world.

A spokesperson for Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the governor “is not aware of any current or potential security threats” and said he is “looking into it” but added that “we cannot provide any information on the status of the ban.”

Nevada Governor Brian Sabin told ABC News that he was “aware of any security threats in the state and are working closely with law enforcement agencies in order to ensure that Nevadans have the safest possible travel experiences in the world.”

Nevadans can check out Nevada for free from the border, but officials are not allowing visitors to the United States to cross into Nevada, according to Sandoval’s office.

Nevada is one of the first states to allow tourists to travel freely across the border.

It’s also the only state that allows citizens from outside the country to enter the state, according in a press release.