The amount you earn as a flight nurse in Australia can be significant, but the amount you can expect to make as a hotel maid or stay at a motel is also huge.

Here’s a look at the best travel-related jobs in Australia.1.

Travel nurse with a travel agency The average salary for a flight or holiday-related travel nurse in the state of Queensland is around $43,500.

For a stay at an A&C hotel, this would equate to around $1,000.

In New South Wales and Victoria, it would equate a little over $200.

Travel nurse salaries vary considerably depending on the type of accommodation they provide, and the number of rooms booked.

While the average rate of pay for a room is $300-$500 per night, it can go up to $1.5k per night in Victoria.

In Queensland, it’s usually around $400 per night.2.

Hospital nurse with an Aussie HospitalIt’s a bit of a mixed bag, with a number of different types of nurses making their way through the system.

You’ll need to have an Australian Hospital card to work as a hospital nurse in Queensland, while you may also need a residency certificate or other professional development to qualify for a similar position in New South and Victoria.

For more on the different roles in the system, check out our travel-based salary guide.3.

Hotel maid in AustraliaIt can be quite a lucrative job, but it’s still a pretty safe bet if you’re looking to earn a lot.

As well as the $43k you’ll earn, you’ll also earn between $3,000 and $5,000 per month.

It’s also worth noting that, in Victoria, hotel maids have the option to take up to three shifts at a time.4.

Hospital stay maid in VictoriaIn Victoria, you may work at a hotel as a Hotel-Guest or as a stay-at-home host.

However, you won’t be able to earn as much as a host, and if you work in the hotel room, you will be paid $20 an hour.

There’s also a limit on the amount that you can earn as an extra night host, so stay at home or at the home of a family member is a possibility.

It also costs a minimum of $2,000 to earn the position.5.

Hotel guest in VictoriaThe Hotel-Host position has an average salary of $37,000 in Victoria but can be very lucrative.

This is mainly because you can usually get paid more if you stay at the hotel for more than two weeks in a year.

It can also be quite lucrative if you have a long-term contract, as the host will receive a commission on your hotel room.6.

Hotel stay host in VictoriaIf you’re in a long term relationship with a host who wants to pay you a significant amount of money, it might be worth trying to get a hotel guest job.

The host will generally take a cut of the profits, and they’ll likely be on the hook for your room rent.

You might also get a bonus if you win a competition to host a holiday in a particular area of the country.7.

Travel Nursing assistant in AustraliaTravel nurses in Australia work in hotels and motels.

They’re paid between $22 and $35 an hour and have a number in the region of $30,000-$35,000 annually.

If you want to make more money, you could also consider working in the travel department at a company like Air New Zealand or AirBnB.8.

Hotel host in QueenslandIt’s important to note that if you want a hotel host job, you must be registered as a commercial hotel agent.

This means you’ll have to work for the hotel host agency in the same capacity as a staff member.

You can then apply for a host contract.

If successful, you might even get paid a bonus.9.

Travel Nurse with a flight agentThe average salary per night for a travel-bound flight nurse is around €1,400 per week.

However it’s worth noting the minimum wage is $2.25 per hour, and that you will also be paid in the host’s currency.

You will be able, however, to travel on a business visa.10.

Travel Host in QueenslandTravel Hosts in Queensland have a very similar position to hotel hosts, but are paid significantly more.

A typical host salary is between $25,000 – $35,00 per year.

They also have the ability to work at their own home and have the right to pick up their own luggage.