When you think of the travel experience, what do you picture?

Do you imagine sitting at a comfortable table in a cozy bar, with your favorite wine, a warm drink or a relaxing snack?

Or are you picturing the sights, sounds and smells of your destination?

It’s an experience that’s become all the more important as the number of people on the road to recovery has exploded, thanks in part to the technology of mobile devices and other portable devices.

“The travel experience has become such a big part of our daily lives that it’s become a big thing,” said Sarah Leavitt, director of public affairs for the American Society of Civil Engineers, a trade group that represents about 40,000 engineers and scientists.

“It’s a big reason why we’re seeing the resurgence of the work in the U.S. from all over the world, and that’s a major reason why this is such a huge issue for us.”

Here are five reasons why you should spend the first week of July traveling.


Traveling can be your own personal tour guide.

The best way to get to know the people in your community, get a sense of where you’re going, and learn more about the people around you, is to spend a few days traveling.

For instance, ask yourself: What would a travel guide be like in my own community?

Is it the same person I’ve been traveling with for the past year?

How would I feel about having a friend who doesn’t speak my language, and who doesn and doesn’t know my business?

Are there certain people who I don’t trust?

How could I feel safe in a crowded city?

What about a group of friends who I’ve never met?

The more time you spend traveling with people who are familiar with your community and the more you learn about their lives and the people who live there, the better you’ll get to understand them.

“Traveling is really a way to meet new people,” Leavitz said.

“You might meet someone at a restaurant or a bar and feel like you know them and feel comfortable about the relationship, but you don’t know them as much as you would if you were just hanging out in a coffee shop.”


You’ll be able to take your own selfies.

When it comes to taking a selfie, you don