The story behind a cheap and cheerful travel trailer that looks just like a real bunkshot.

Read moreWhat we didFirst we bought a small suitcase, filled it with some basic supplies and set off to travel the world.

The trailer is a simple concept, but one that we like to think has potential to change the way we live.

The trailer can be easily built in just a few days using basic materials, but it can be upgraded to a fully equipped trailer with multiple cabins, bedrooms and living areas, with multiple beds.

The trailer is also able to serve as a mobile home or even a tiny caravan to go on the road and deliver goods, which is great for those of us who need to get around on the go.

How to build a trailer on a budgetThe best parts of the travel trailer, from left to right, are the large cabins and the large living areas.

It can hold up to four people and is easy to transport.

The only thing you have to do is pick a good spot, and there’s a huge range of options for your needs.

The trailers can be customised for different people or groups, and the bed is also made out of bamboo, making it easy to store items.

The bunks and living area can be either open or covered, depending on your preferences.

The open space gives space for a sofa, a desk, a bed and some storage.

The closet and kitchen area can also be used as a small dining area, but you’ll need to arrange storage to make the kitchen look attractive.

You can buy multiple trailer bunks, but we found it was better to buy one to go with your travel trailer.

It’s much more durable, easier to install and is also much easier to manage than a single bunks.

The extra space also allows you to store more food and other essentials, which will make your trip less stressful.

If you’re thinking of buying a trailer, you’ll have to pay for the trailer itself.

You can buy the trailer online or at a local shop, or you can buy it separately from the bunks or living area.