By Sarah Tew / 3shareddog travel crate The first crate for dogs was built for a single person.

Today, it’s the industry standard.

As the world’s most popular travel crate, a dog crate is a necessity for many dog owners.

But why buy a crate when there are so many other ways to pack your pet?

In this episode, I share with you 10 tips to make your dog travel more convenient.


Get a dog travel calculator online 2.

Set up your dog crate in a convenient location 3.

Set your dog up in the crate with a harness 4.

Make sure your dog has a harness or collar to go with it 5.

Make your dog have a leash or a walker 6.

Make the crate smell good to make the dog feel comfortable 7.

Create a special room in your house to accommodate your dog 8.

Use a dog-proof dog carrier 9.

Use your dog’s favorite crate for your dog 10.

Find out what dogs love most and how to get the most out of it