Travelers home, especially in the Salt Lake City area, may not travel to Utah until October 21, 2018.

 That is because the Utah Department of Health is in the process of implementing a travel restriction for the state of Utah.

That means those who plan on traveling to Utah after October 21 must check in on their itinerary with a travel agent and obtain a valid itinerary reservation.

The travel restriction applies to most state-owned or operated airlines, as well as charter companies and other small operators that operate for profit.

The restriction applies also to those who are traveling on a short-haul flight.

Travelers must have a valid Utah State Passport and valid Utah Driver’s License to travel.

For those who don’t have a reservation or who can’t make the trip, they must also submit their flight itinerary and itinerary confirmation form with their booking request form.

Those who plan to travel outside of the state will be subject to additional travel restrictions in other parts of the country.

This travel restriction has been in effect since September 2017, and it applies to those traveling to or from the Salt City area for any reason.

To stay in line with the restriction, all travelers should check in at the airport prior to their scheduled flight, and those who will be departing before the restriction is lifted should make a reservation and be prepared to provide their travel information and flight information to an airline.

Those traveling outside the state may also find it challenging to purchase a flight insurance policy from their airline.

Airlines and travel agents are required to provide travelers with a valid travel itinerary for the purposes of the travel restriction, and they must provide a copy of their insurance policy to the airline for each trip.

Travelers who want to purchase an insurance policy on their own should first contact their insurance agent or travel agent network to verify their eligibility.

For additional information, visit the Utah Travel Restriction FAQ.

Travel restriction: Utah Travel RestrictION