Disney and AMC have canceled their vacation plans for Hawaii and canceled flights for residents of the state.

The Walt Disney Company, which is based in Los Angeles, announced on Monday that it was canceling its planned June 29 holiday weekend vacation for residents and those traveling to Hawaii, which began on May 3 and runs through May 10.

Disney said in a statement that the decision to cancel the planned Hawaii vacation was based on the ongoing threat of wildfires that have threatened many communities across the state and that the state’s natural environment, including its Hawaiian Islands, is a concern.

This decision is also impacted by ongoing drought and the effects of climate change, the statement read.

At Disneyland, Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure Resort, the resort, which has a park in Hawaii, said that it will cancel the park’s May 11-13, 2019 holiday schedule and the dates of the parks’ summer and fall shows.

Disneyland will also close the park in the summer of 2019 and close the parks in 2019.

ABC News’ Brian Ross contributed to this report.

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To stay up-to-date, make sure you’re in the ABC News app.ABC News: What you need to know about the coronavirus outbreakThe coronaviruses, which were first detected in China in December, are spread by the virus by direct contact with infected saliva, cough or sneeze, and are more likely to spread through the air.

The first case of coronavirence was confirmed in the U.S. in April 2019.

Since then, coronaviral cases have continued to increase in the United States, and at least one person has died from the virus in the last few weeks.

The U.K. has also reported a sharp increase in cases in the country’s south, where the virus is particularly deadly.

In recent weeks, a British woman, who was not identified, was found dead at her home in the city of Reading in northern England after suffering a respiratory infection.

She died of the disease, but no other details have been released.

In New York, the state has reported another new case, and a fourth person has tested positive for the virus.

The virus is also spreading through air travel, particularly between major U.s. cities.

On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the virus had become widespread among the general population in the states of the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

In California, coronovirus cases in that state have increased to nearly 1,400, according to data from the California Department of Public Health.

In Washington, D.C., where the coronoviruses first appeared, cases were up more than 300 percent from April to May.

A total of 1,904 people have tested positive in California, according the data.

CDC officials have not released any new information about the current rate of coronoviral cases in this country, but they have said that there have been increases in cases across the country in recent weeks.ABCNews.com: CDC: U.N. calls for U.W. to release full records on coronavvirusesVaccine data show how coronaviroids have spreadThe U, W.

Va., home of the World Health Organization and home of several major health-care centers, has recorded the highest number of new coronavirinces reported in the state in the past year.

More than 1,000 people have been diagnosed with coronavIRs, including 1,856 people who have died.

The most recent case of the coronivirus was diagnosed in the Washington, District of Columbia, area, where a 29-year-old man tested positive on Friday.