Florida tourism groups are warning travelers to stay away from the capital one, which they say has seen an increase in scams, stolen credit cards and identity theft.

The state is one of the first states in the country to ban the travel to the nation’s capital from several major cities, including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

But the travel advisory from the Travel Center, which represents major tourist operators including the World Travel & Tourism Association, says tourists can still visit many places that are still under the capital restrictions.

The group says its advisory applies to travelers in Orlando, Miami and St. Petersburg, and also includes hotels and the Miami International Airport.

The group also says travelers in Florida can still enjoy the holiday shopping, concerts and other activities.

Tampa-area residents, however, have already started to complain about the new restrictions.

A group of Tampa residents is demanding that the state and federal government change the rules to allow them to visit the state’s capital.

The people of Florida have the right to explore the natural and cultural areas and the people of the state have the responsibility to ensure that those natural and culturally significant sites are preserved.