San Diego, California (AP) — Here are the best ways to get from San Francisco to Vegas.

A quick trip from downtown to San Francisco via I-5.

Take a detour on the 405 and take a left onto Interstate 5.

This is the highway that connects San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Take a right onto Highway 101 and take another right onto Interstate 80.

Drive to Las Vegas.

There are a lot of places to visit in the city.

Take your pick of many of the local bars and restaurants.

There’s even a bar in Vegas that you can grab a drink at.

The one closest to my hotel is the Silver Dollar Bar & Grill on Sunset Boulevard.

I’d recommend the margaritas, the tacos, the chicken wings and the chicken nuggets.

The best thing about Vegas is the people.

The locals are always welcoming and they know how to entertain you with great food.

I love the locals.

It’s a great place to get some great entertainment.

It would be great if the casinos in Vegas opened up more.

I have heard of people who live there who were killed by the casinos.

I haven’t had any cases.

I love Las Vegas because of the people who are really nice and make you feel like you’re home.

The weather in Las Vegas is always great.

You can see the ocean, the mountains and the mountainside.

The water is so beautiful.

The worst thing about Las Vegas for me is the crowds.

I’m used to crowds, but I never got to experience it.

They have to be so many people just because it’s so close to home.

I can’t say that about other cities.

There are so many restaurants in Las, Vegas, Vegas and more restaurants to go to.

There is one restaurant near my hotel that is a must-visit.

It is the Grand Saloon.

The food is amazing.

There also are a few restaurants near the Convention Center.

There will be so much food in Vegas, you won’t want to miss it.