You can use the APIs provided by the Travel Agents API to get a list of travel agency jobs.

There are a variety of job categories for the jobs API.

Here are some of the common ones you can get a listing of:Travel agent jobs are often related to lodging or travel agency services.

Travel agency jobs usually require a license or a similar type of license.

The requirements are similar for hotels, airlines, cruise lines, motels and other lodging and travel agency locations.

For example, an agent can be employed to perform a booking, arrange travel or manage a reservation.

An agent can also be a travel agent if she/he has experience performing travel related tasks.

An agent can perform these tasks for a travel agency and may need to be licensed in order to perform the tasks.

For more information about licensing requirements for travel agents, please see our licensing requirements guide.

If you have a list or search for an agent, you can then use the jobs list to search for the specific job.

For more information on using the API, please read the following article:How to use our Travel Agents Jobs API for jobs in your organization.