US travel is not yet affected by a travel ban announced by President Donald Trump on Monday, but some people will not be able to travel to the US in the coming days, US travel agency TripAdvisor said on Wednesday.

“We are currently in the process of removing the US travel advisories,” TripAdvisors spokesperson Andrea Sauer told AFP.

“The full US travel ban will remain in effect until further notice.”

She said some people, like Americans with valid visas, would still be able travel.

“But some people who are currently affected by the ban will not,” Sauer said.

“It’s unclear if they will be able or if they won’t be able,” she added.

TripAdvisor, which operates in more than 20 countries, said in a statement on Wednesday that the travel advisory for most US cities was lifted.

It said that travelers to the country would have to check in with US customs to check out, and that people who had previously been on the travel ban list would be able return to the United States once the ban is lifted.

“Travel is not affected, however, because there will be no additional entry restrictions and we are still in the final stages of our review of the revised travel advisory,” the statement read.US travel advisory lifts in wake for travel banThe US has imposed a travel advisory on Tuesday to allow travellers with valid US visas to enter the country.

It is one of the most stringent travel restrictions on the world and comes as thousands of people from around the world gathered in the United Kingdom for a rally against Trump’s travel ban.

Trump’s ban, which has caused chaos in the US, came as Europe has seen a surge in refugees fleeing persecution, as well as attacks on mosques in the Middle East.

In a sign of how much the US economy has benefited from the ban, TripAdvisers UK, which runs in the UK, said on Tuesday that it had registered more than 5.7 million visitors in January.

The US travel industry is struggling to recover from the chaos of the Trump travel ban and the US stock market has plunged, while the US dollar has lost about a quarter of its value since the ban took effect.