US Airways flight disruptions will resume Sunday as travelers are banned from flying into the US after the Zika virus became available.

US Airways says its flights are being suspended in both Chicago and Dallas.

The travel restrictions will last until Jan. 5.

US Airlines says the ban applies to all domestic flights.

US and international airlines have said they will offer travel vouchers to passengers who want to return to their home countries, but not to countries with the virus.

US Airline said Monday that the company is working to provide travel vouchers, including those for return flights, to all of its customers affected by the virus and will provide information on the status of those vouchers in a blog post on Monday.

“We have been providing travel vouchers through US Airways for months,” the airline said in a statement.

“US Airways is committed to providing all of our customers with the opportunity to return home.

We will continue to work to provide this opportunity to all our customers.”

The airline said that, in total, more than 12 million travelers have used its travel vouchers since the start of the travel ban on Oct. 7.

US airlines have also suspended the business class service between Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as the return flights between Chicago, Houston and Denver.

USA Airlines said it had received 2,700 requests to cancel flights.

The airline has suspended its flights between Houston and Dallas and between Los Angeles and Denver as well.

USAir said Monday it has canceled all flights between Dallas and Miami.

USAviation said it has suspended flights between Miami and Los Angelos, as have a number of other airlines.

The ban was initially implemented as part of a government-wide measure to contain the virus, but many travelers have found their flights have been delayed. has updated its travel restriction map to show all airports where people may fly, including flights that are now being considered for suspension.

Travelers who are affected by Zika may not be able to fly into the United States after Jan. 6.

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