Costa Rica has the highest per capita income in Latin America.

But the cost is even higher for tourists, who typically pay up to $200 a night.

We checked in with Costa Rica tourism expert Dr. Jose Antonio Rios and spoke with his wife, Maria, about what it takes to book a Costa Rica trip.

Dr. Rios is a professor of tourism at the Costa Rican National University and a senior vice president at the Tourism Development Association.

He also serves on the board of the International Travel Consultancy, an industry group that promotes Costa Rica as a place to visit.

The couple started the Costa Rica Travel Report in 2012 to track how tourists are spending their time in Costa Rica.

The report has grown to become a comprehensive guide to Costa Rican tourism.

Here are some of our favorite Costa Rica tips to make the most of your vacation: If you’re a U.S. citizen, you’re eligible for a free Costa Rica visa.

If you don’t have a visa, you’ll need to purchase a Costa Rican visa.

You can purchase a tourist visa online or in Costa Rican shops.

You’ll need a valid passport for your trip, but you’ll be able to visit the country if you’re traveling on a temporary work visa.

To get a Costa Ricans tourist visa, your passport must show the U.N. Security Council’s designation of “person in need of protection” as an individual in need.

The United Nations Security Council has designated Costa Rica an “exceptional” and “threatened” country.

That designation means Costa Rica is among the top 20 countries on its list of countries at risk of a terrorist attack.

But you won’t be required to travel to Costa Rico for the visa to take effect.

If your passport has the designation, you can use it to enter Costa Rica without a visa.

The Costa Rican embassy will give you a copy of your visa.

But if your passport doesn’t have the designation you’ll still need to go to the Costa Ricas consulate.

To obtain a tourist visas, you must show that you are in the country for a temporary purpose and that you’re not likely to return to the United States for at least six months.

You will be required, if you want to visit Costa Rica permanently, to show your passport to the consular officer in Costa Rico.

It may take several months to get your Costa Rican tourist visa issued, and you’ll also need to make arrangements with your Costa Rica hotel to bring your luggage.

Your Costa Rica vacation is limited to five nights and three nights at the beach.

The beach is a popular destination for tourists.

There are hotels and guesthouses all over the island, including the famed La Plata resort, the country’s largest and most popular hotel, which has over 300 rooms.

If it’s your first time in a Costa Rico beach resort, you might be tempted to rent a car and drive around the island to see some of the sights.

However, the car rental rate is very reasonable and there’s a car rental car rental station in the Costa del Sol that will help you get to your destination in a car.

If the Costa Del Sol is your first visit to Costa Ricos beaches, you should consider staying at the Bali Beach Resort, a boutique hotel, for $10 a night or a more upscale beachfront hotel, the Paloma Beach Hotel, for about $30 a night and you can rent a bike for as much as $50.

The cheapest way to book Costa Rica hotels in Costa Ricias main city, Colima, is to book at the hotel, but there are many other options.

For more information, check out Costa Rica Hotels & Resorts and Costa Rica Vacation Planning.

When traveling to Costa Rica, you may need to bring with you: Your passport

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